Stone Therapy

Harnessing the properties of the stones, we bathe them in warm water, anoint them with the spicy sensual aromas of the orient and place them on key energy points of the body to harmonise the spirit. Then in a rhythmic massage sequence, which mimics the strong but steady stream of water, the stones give up their power and warmth to tired and tense muscles, promoting inner peace and tranquillity. A unique aromatic journey for the soul…

Elemis Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage

Back, neck and shoulders

30 mins £37.00

Full body, face and scalp

75 mins £73.50

Face and Body Sensation

A sensational massage using hot stones combined with a prescribed Elemis Booster Facial

60 mins £75.00

Absolute Aromastone Experience

Condition your skin and muscles with this totally embracing experience. The power of the Deeper than Deep Stone Massage combined with an Elemis Facial. Total relaxation of mind and body.

120 mins £110.00